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I have been using this product for six weeks and I have had no need to scrub the shower with any sponge. It always looks and smells clean plus it lasts a long time. Just spray it on once a week. Every other bathroom product looks good until the next day, this one keeps your shower looking clean all week. This is a very good product.

Simon Hughes
Ash Vale 

I can not recommend “Wet & Forget” too highly and I know of no other product that can touch it. If you have the problem of persistent algae then this is absolutely the answer!  

Thank you “Wet & Forget” for helping me enjoy my garden all year long! 

Dot Lines

Following years of green mould/algae problems with my fencing and increased water bills with the excessive use of power washers I decided to give 'Wet & Forget' a try.

What can I say. It's truly a miracle in liquid form.

I couldn't believe that you just applied it and left it (outstanding results are never that easy) but you do and it works.

It only took 3 days!!

Take it from me. It's worth its weight in gold.

"I thought you might like to see the before and a-few-hours-later photos of my water feature. Tremendous!"

water feature before Wet and Forget

water feature after Wet and Forget

Fence before Wet and Forget

Fence after Wet and Forget





News : Children's Adventure Farm Trust | Wet & Forget UK

My name is Tom and I am responsible for maintaining an 11 acre Children's Charity in greater Manchester which is largely based outdoors.  Included in our facilities are adventure playgrounds, wheel chair paths, various animals (ducks, alpacas and aviary birds) and a large number of decked areas.  We have suffered for years with slippy decking and algae covered fencing and equipment.  Wet and Forget, does exactly what it says on the tin!  With no harm to animals, plants or Children I am free to use it where I please.  Within 1 day you can see the difference and within 3 no trace of the algae remains.  This will save me and my team, weeks worth of work at the start of each year when everything is covered after the winter.  It also allows me to get to those hard to reach places where jet washing would not be feasible.  Cracking product and I expect our site will be utilising it for years to come!
Wet and Forget, does exactly what it says it will.  Much quicker than I expected I might add.  This product will save time and therefore money.  Andrew, who I dealt with, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful; I have never received better service!
If you've spent years jet washing the Algae from your decking in your garden after the winter. don't bother this year.  Wet and Forget, will, with ease, remove it completely so it's ready for a fresh coat of stain.  You will be so happy you spent 10 minutes using Wet and Forget rather than 4 hours jet washing!
Tom Farrington
Head of Operations
The Children's Adventure Farm Trust

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