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I have been using this product for six weeks and I have had no need to scrub the shower with any sponge. It always looks and smells clean plus it lasts a long time. Just spray it on once a week. Every other bathroom product looks good until the next day, this one keeps your shower looking clean all week. This is a very good product.

Simon Hughes
Ash Vale 

I can not recommend “Wet & Forget” too highly and I know of no other product that can touch it. If you have the problem of persistent algae then this is absolutely the answer!  

Thank you “Wet & Forget” for helping me enjoy my garden all year long! 

Dot Lines

Following years of green mould/algae problems with my fencing and increased water bills with the excessive use of power washers I decided to give 'Wet & Forget' a try.

What can I say. It's truly a miracle in liquid form.

I couldn't believe that you just applied it and left it (outstanding results are never that easy) but you do and it works.

It only took 3 days!!

Take it from me. It's worth its weight in gold.

"I thought you might like to see the before and a-few-hours-later photos of my water feature. Tremendous!"

water feature before Wet and Forget

water feature after Wet and Forget

Fence before Wet and Forget

Fence after Wet and Forget





Wet & Forget Gets Raving Reviews from Space

I live in the soggy state of Washington where we constantly struggle with moss and black algae on our sidewalks and driveways. It not only looks aesthetically unpleasing, it's also very slippery. So like all my neighbors, I had been hiring a company to come out and powerwash on a regular basis. This process was time consuming, expensive, wasted a ton of water and created quite the mess. I had also tried a heavily promoted bleach based product in the Washington area but I was concerned with the toxicity and the runoff was killing my plants!

Then, about 3 years ago, I came across an article featuring Wet & Forget. I was a bit apprehensive about the product but thought I'd give it a try. I applied the product to my driveway and sidewalks. I loved that the product was so quick and easy to use, saved water and required no clean up! But I have to admit I didn't think the product was going to work it just seemed too easy. Several months later, to my surprise, I realized the stuff really works! The results were unbelievable!

Ever since I've been telling everyone I know about Wet & Forget and how much I love it! I didn't realize how unbelievable the results were until my brother-in-law, who I had been raving about the product to, showed me a satellite shot of my house and neighborhood. My house had the only clean driveway and sidewalks in about a 6 block radius!

I've been telling my neighbor about Wet & Forget for some time now and they still haven't given it a try. I see them out there a couple times a year trying to combat the moss and algae build-up. I only have to apply Wet & Forget once in the spring! I think it's time for me to show them the satellite view of our neighborhood so they can see for themselves how well this product works!

My sister saw your new Wet & Forget Shower product on the Today Show a few weeks ago, we can't wait to give it a try!

Joni D. Tacoma, WA

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