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I have been using this product for six weeks and I have had no need to scrub the shower with any sponge. It always looks and smells clean plus it lasts a long time. Just spray it on once a week. Every other bathroom product looks good until the next day, this one keeps your shower looking clean all week. This is a very good product.

Simon Hughes
Ash Vale 

I can not recommend “Wet & Forget” too highly and I know of no other product that can touch it. If you have the problem of persistent algae then this is absolutely the answer!  

Thank you “Wet & Forget” for helping me enjoy my garden all year long! 

Dot Lines

Following years of green mould/algae problems with my fencing and increased water bills with the excessive use of power washers I decided to give 'Wet & Forget' a try.

What can I say. It's truly a miracle in liquid form.

I couldn't believe that you just applied it and left it (outstanding results are never that easy) but you do and it works.

It only took 3 days!!

Take it from me. It's worth its weight in gold.

"I thought you might like to see the before and a-few-hours-later photos of my water feature. Tremendous!"

water feature before Wet and Forget

water feature after Wet and Forget

Fence before Wet and Forget

Fence after Wet and Forget






Thank you for letting me know about remarkable Wet & Forget by way of the interesting article in the July/August edition. Thank you for stocking Wet & Forget and for having it on your shelves at Watford.

I find that Wet & Forget is a 'miracle' product which REALLY WORKS! It is very easy to apply and provides an inexpensive effective eradication of moss, black mould, algae and lichens.

I have over 100 square meters of (30 year old) concrete block paving to my in and out driveway. With woodland across the road, moss and black mould have always been a problem. Previously, after each annual pressure jetting, the moss and mould soon returned.

08 AUG 12 First, light, spray application of Wet & Forget.

Two or three weeks passed - nothing seemed to happen.

Then, gradually, over the next month, I noticed a reduction in the amount of moss.

18 SEP 12 Second application; more generous this time because I knew it was worthwhile. Then over the next month a gradual continuing reduction of the moss. Then,more slowly, the patches of black mould started to disappear. Even more slowly, some of the perimeter lichens disappeared.

18 NOV 12 No moss left at all.

07 DEC 12 Beautiful clean driveway: no moss, no mould, Just a few (fading) black spots where lichens had been on the perimeter.

Encouraged by the obvious effectiveness of Wet & Forget, in September, I bought more and treated my rear concrete patio and went all around my garden looking for any moss to spray, including spraying bark at base of tree trunks. I also sprayed the Council pavement to my frontage. Compared with my neighbours' frontages, mine is now a lighter colour, very clean and dries quicker. I sprayed the tiled pitch roof of my porch because I am able to reach here from my step ladder. Currently I am seeking a roofing contractor to spray my main roof.

I now plan to re spray every Spring as annual maintenance.

Yours sincerely

DR - Ruislip


I am blown away with the results

Dear Sir,

I must say that I am blown away with the results after just one application which I sprayed two months ago, hence the re-order of fresh supplies. I generally jet wash my pavioured drive twice a year and re-sand (a job I absolutely dread) before I apply products from other suppliers to prevent /slow down the regrowth of moss to my drive.

To be perfectly honest, two months after spraying other products I begin to see spores of moss forming again on my drive. I am delighted to say that my drive looks as good now as it did two months ago! I am more than happy to spray my drive which takes no longer than 40 minutes. To jet wash/clean up and re-sand takes me a total of 2/3 days, not to mention the back ache.

Wet and Forget has given me some of my life back to be doing more enjoyable things, plus my drive looks excellent. Quite a few of my neighbours are commenting how good my drive is looking.

Wet and Forget truly is a fantastic product for two reasons. Firstly, it does what it says on the container and secondly, it saves me a tremendous amount of time and effort cleaning my drive twice a year! Also, another positive for me which I have just considered whilst typing, I am on a water meter and the amount of water used to clean my drive each year is considerable. The money that I now save on water offsets my purchases of Wet and Forget.

I am planning to spray a diluted solution of 10/1 Wet and Forget on my drive next month, February and every three months afterwards. My drive has never looked better thanks to Wet and Forget!!!!!

After each jet washing of my drive, I dispose of the sand that is washed up from between and underneath of my paviours. The reason I do this is because, I feel the sand is contaminated with moss spores etc. So now I also save on replacing any lost sand. I normally have to buy around six bags of fine sand to brush back in and each bag costs around 4.99 !!!!

One more plus which is probably even more important is that the integrity of my driveway stays intact because I am no longer jet washing out the sand from underneath my paviours! A couple of years back, I attacked my drive too hard with the jet sprayer and afterwards, I had a few paviours that started rocking. I had to do a repair job before somebody twisted an ankle!

Kind regards.


Wet and Forget 5 Litre and our electric sprayer on wheels, the Thrust One VX

Wet and Forget, quite simply the best cleaning product ever invented.

For years I pressure washed my patio to remove a winters worth of grime in an attempt to restore the cream flag stones to their original state. It was time consuming, messy, used vast quantities of water and the final result was ok, but not brilliant.

A few years ago I discovered Wet and Forget. Wow, what an incredible product! My patio, deck and drive-way get treated in Spring and Autumn and they continue to look like new all year round. I've told family and many, many friends, who are equally as impressed with the results. 

Last year I was given a 'Wet and Forget spraying machine' . It was the best Christmas present that I've had in a long time. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it saves hours of application time and carrying heavy containers of liquid. You just charge up the battery, press the start button and start spraying. This weekend I treated two large patios, several large plant pots, a deck, and a block pave drive-way in a matter of hours. There was still plenty of battery charge , so I lent the machine to my neighbour to do his patio. 

Nothing could be simpler. It's efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention hugely satisfying to use. 

Review From Mr J Singh:

I used Wet and Forget on Algae appearing on the external render of my new home and within days it all disappeared. Fantastic product!

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